Gourmet Pizzas

Large 12″ Family 15″
VerduraTomato, cheese, roasted capsicum, grilled eggplant, kalamatta olives, bocconcini cheese, semi-dried tomatoes & fresh basil. $15.90 $19.90
Chicken PrestigioTomato, cheese, onion, roasted capsicum, bacon, marinated breast chicken fillet, kalamatta olives & barbecue sauce. $15.90 $19.90
Quattro FormaggioTomato, mozzarella cheese, fetta cheese, bocconcini cheese & parmesan cheese. $15.90 $19.90
VeronaTomato, cheese, roasted capsicum, sujec sausage, fresh tomato, grilled eggplant, bocconcini cheese & fresh basil. $15.90 $19.90
AdonisTomato, cheese, salami, artichoke, roasted capsicum, fresh tomato, kalamatta olives & feta cheese. $15.90 $19.90
SpinaciTomato, cheese, salami, onion, mushroom, grilled eggplant, spinach, bocconcini cheese & fresh basil. $15.90 $19.90
PescaporitoOur famous marinara seafood marinated with garlic, parsley, tender calamari, mussels & cheese. $15.90 $19.90
YirosTomato, cheese, fresh tomato, onion, yiros lamb meat, capsicum, & served with garlic sauce. $15.90 $19.90